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Classmate provides an Inclusive, social E-Learning environment,for students and educators to access educational content and promote collaborative learning

  • Networks of like-minded students
  • Exposure to career guided material
  • Bridge divide between Urban, Peri-Urban and Rural areas
  • Bridge divide between Academic Content and the Learners
  • Digital divide
  • Stakeholder and learner divide
    • (Government, NGOs, Academic and Business Institutions)

Study With Students Around the Country

  • Targeted Content
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Safe learning environment
  • Secure and certified by McAfee
  • Accessed from anywhere and anytime

Humanity for ALL?

Whether we like it or not, each of us is constrained by limits on what we can do and feel.

To ignore these limits leads to denial and eventually to failure.

To achieve excellence. we must first understand the ability of the everyday, with all its demands and potential frustration.

BY – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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Collaborate With Students Of Your Same Interests

Allow users exposure to each users environment for development of Youth Moral Fibre

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Synergistic Learning
  • Constructive & competitive learning
  • Inclusive and interactive

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Great platform

I hope it receives the much appreciation from the people who need it most.

Omphile Morubisi

Innovative App

An innovative app providing a platform for students to achieve good results

Kutlo Koosimile

Beautiful interactive

A perfect platform to enhance the learning experience of students

Topo Madzikigwa
Teacher (GSS)

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